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New York, NY

About Me

I am a

Front End Developer

with a passion for creating unique, responsive, and inclusive web experiences.
  • I completed the DigitalCrafts 16 Week Full Stack Immersive Bootcamp in December.
  • Previously, I developed leadership, problem solving, and communication skills as a Restaurant Manager, Server, & Bartender. I used these skills to excel as a Casting Coordinator on a feature film production and a TV series. While these pursuits provided incredible experiences, coding fulfilled the perfect intersection of my creativity and problem solving skills. I can’t get enough of it!
  • Other skills, pursuits, & interests: bike riding, film, reading (nonfiction, feminist literature, true crime, scifi), podcasts, board games & puzzles


Georgia Artists
with DisAbilities
Online Gallery

This project is an Online Gallery that was built with a team of two others for a local organization, Georgia Artists with DisAbilities. They will be presenting our project to their board of directors in January.

I took this opportunity to learn Figma and create mockups for the FrontEnd. I used these mockups to build the application in React and worked with Context API to manage state. I coordinated with the backend developer on the project to design the database and make calls to the API. I worked with my other team member to build the cart functionality on the site.

Technologies Used: React, Context API, Express, Node.js, Chakra UI

Additional tools used: Figma, Trello

VineBook is a streamlined solution for wine buyers and sellers that I proposed and implemented here with a team of two others.

This is a backend focused project completed over four days with a team of two others. The demo shows the login of a buyer, the signup and login process of a rep, goes through snippets of code that I wrote and the database I created.

  • 1. My first task was to create the database where user information could be stored. The first challenge that arose was in how to format the database to keep track of user’s wine lists. I came up with the solution of the user_wine table that joins the user and wine tables and prevents a user from adding a wine they already have.
  • 2. My next task was to write the userListModel & wineModels. I wrote the SQL statements and then collaborated with my teammates to write the routes. I took point on splitting up and assigning tasks. The biggest challenge here was making clear tasks for everyone where we wouldn’t be working on top of each other’s code. As we completed the tasks, we had to code along on one machine in order to connect the app from back to front.

Technologies Used: Javascript, Express, Node.js, & PostgreSQL.










Email Me: kategordonnyc@gmail.com